Making Your Own Bullets

Ever wonder what it takes to make your own bullets?  If so, read on.

The vast majority of shooters go to the store, buy their own ammo and are satisfied.  A small percentage buy powder, primers & bullets to reload their own ammo.  An even smaller percentage cast or swage their own projectiles. I do both.  Why?  For me, self sufficiency is a big part of it; long term cost savings is another reason.

Clearly, this isn’t for everyone. It takes time, money and commitment.  It takes a certain drive; a desire to do something for yourself and learn.  It also takes a ton of ‘sweat equity’.

Casting bullets (or ‘boolits’ as they’re often referred to by casters) is the process of melting lead and pouring that molten lead into a mold to produce the projectiles. Swaging bullets is the process of pressing lead and/or lead filled jackets into a die in a press & using the pressure to form the projectiles.

Because they’re such different processes, I’ve broken this down into two sections – a casting section and a swaging section.

Enjoy – and feel free to comment!