What To Expect

The items I’m selling are uniquely designed to serve the needs of reloaders and bullet swagers.  They were created to solve problems and enhance the workflow so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

These items are printed on a 3D printer, using either ABS or (in the future) PLA plastic.  In some respects, form follows function.  The primary goal is for the item to work as advertised – you can expect it to work. You’ll notice that these items do not have quite the same level of fit & finish as a commercially produced, injection molded part.  I ask that you remember how these items are created, and appreciate that they’re quite literally printed from extruded plastic.

Surfaces will have visible lines and (occasionally) a somewhat rough texture; these are where each layer of plastic was laid down one on top of another during the printing process.  There can be some unevenness, particularly on the bottom of parts; this is a chronic problem with printed ABS.  It shrinks unevenly as it cools, causing parts of the item to pull up, away from the printing surface.

Although it’s not perfect, 3D printing offers opportunities for limited production that are making ventures like this possible!


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