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I’m pleased to announce 3D printed swaging and reloading accessories for sale!  These items, created and / or curated by a reloader & bullet swager for other reloaders & bullet swagers. Check back often; I expect the line of accessories to expand.

ORDERING:  At this point, I do not have e-commerce set up on this site; orders need to be e-mailed or sent via private message on one of the reloading / swaging forums where these items are being discussed.  You will receive a reply, and for paid orders, you’ll receive an order number.  The order number allows you to verify current order status through a link on this page.

PayPal accepted; other forms of payment available.  E-mail rick@reloadingcreations.com.


Core Shaker, .224 (Item# Core_ShakerV2) – $75.00 (including domestic shipping):  Adapted from the work of a forum member at CastBoolits, and used with explicit permission, this core shaker saves tons of time for the .224 bullet swager!  Align the plates, connect the strap (if desired) and spread .224 jackets on the top plate – with a little agitation, they fall into the holes base first.  After pouring off any extras through the slot, spread swaged cores onto the top plate – agitate again, and the cores drop into the jackets.  Pour off any excess, remove the strap and top plate and a full tray of 100 jackets / cores are ready for point forming.  This process takes less than 3 minutes.  My early tests show at least a 50% increase in throughput compared to manually inserting cores into jackets.




Swaging Catch Tray (Item# CT_Lee_BT V2.0) – $25.00 (including domestic shipping): Designed specifically for use on Lee Classic Cast presses with BT Sniper auto-eject systems installed, this catch tray rides on the lower bar of the eject system and catches cores or point formed bullets as they drop out of the die.  No more improvised boxes beneath your press! This version, an upgrade from the original reviewed on the CastBoolits forum, has a door on the back left side of the tray.  The door lifts out of the way to easily sweep cores / bullets out into a tray or container. CT_V2.0   CT_V2.0_Door   CT_V2.0_cores Note:  Look for a version of this tray designed to fit an RCBS press / BT Sniper auto-eject system soon!

Replacement Decap Tray / Primer Catcher for RCBS RockChucker Press:  Offered with the express permission of the original designer and under the Creative Commons – Attribution License, this eliminates the major frustration with the original RCBS design – primers that miss the tray, or fly all over the place when you’re removing the tray to empty it!  These designs route primers out through a hole and down through a hose (not provided).  Primers end up in a container and not all over the floor.  Available in two slightly different versions (below).


Original RCBS Decap Tray / Primer Catcher (Item# RCBS_DT_LC_Orig) – $20.00 (including domestic shipping):  This version has a ring that partially encircles the ram, ensuring a tight fit and minimal movement.  It requires that the ram be raised slightly to place brass into the shell holder.  There is a hole in the right side of the item, through which an empty .22LR piece of brass is inserted to pin it to the press & stabilize it.


IMPROVED RCBS Decap Tray / Primer Catcher (Item# RCBS_DT_LC_V11) ($20.00 including domestic shipping):  On this version, the ring around the ram is removed for increased access to the shell holder; there can be slightly more movement of the item which can allow an occasional primer to escape.  Like the original, there is a hole in the right side, through which an empty .22LR piece of brass is inserted to pin it to the press & stabilize it.  Additionally, this improved version has a adjustable nut / bolt that holds it away from the frame of the press and close to the ram to ensure the primers go where you want them – down the hose!



Bleed Tray:  One of my earliest designs, I’ve paused work on improving this item until the other, more critical, products were developed & ready.  Designed to attach to the two unused threaded holes on the top of a Lee Classic Cast press, this bleed tray catches the extruded lead wire that is pushed out of a core swage die.  This item will be offered as a set, along with the Catch Tray and Derimmed Jacket Container – a complete solution to improve the workflow and work clean on a swaging bench.

Lee Classic Cast Press (accessorized with 'bleed tray' and 'catch tray')

Lee Classic Cast Press (accessorized with ‘bleed tray’ and ‘catch tray’)

Derimmed Jacket Container:  Another early design that captures derimmed jackets as they pass through and out the top of a derimming die.  This will also offered as a set, along with the Catch Tray and Bleed Tray.

Derim Cup Assembly




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