Order Status

Anticipating the need to communicate order status & manage expectations when I’ve committed to sending a print out, I thought it would be wise to create & populate this page.

Please know that my intention is to provide exceptional service.  However, this is a part-time endeavor.  Often, my career requires me to travel.  Additionally, 3D printing takes a significant amount of time.  At this point, I do not maintain a standing inventory; prints are made when a paid order is received.  Depending on the part ordered, printing time can take between 2 hours and 26 hours (for a complex, multi-part piece), and that item monopolizes the printer for that period.

If you have a paid order, I’ve provided you with an order number.  Using that, you can see my current work list and know where your order stands.  Generally, I’m fulfilling orders in the order that they are received, although I reserve the right to make exceptions to that as I see fit.

For information on current orders click here:  Order Status

If you have questions, e-mail rick@reloadingcreations.com 



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