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These are places on the interwebs and in Las Vegas I’ve learned something useful from, visit frequently or have come to trust for information.  There are certainly other places out there, but this is my go-to list:

Forums:  Getting reloading information from an internet forum can be – um – dicey.  ALWAYS vet the information & learn who has a history of sharing reliable information. That said, here are places I value:

  • NevadaShooters  My “home” forum in many ways.  A great group of pro-2A enthusiasts frequent Nevada Shooters.
  • Sniper’s Hide  If you want to really learn about reloading for long-range shooting, go here first.  Read the sticky’s.  Really.
  • Castboolits  THE authority on anything related to casting & swaging.
  •  “Arfcom” has it’s reputation issues & mall ninja strap hangers.  But, the reloading forum is well moderated and I’ve learned TONS from the people there.
  • The Firing Line  Lots of experience here!
  • Glock Talk  Several lively personalities; great information that goes well beyond just Glocks.
  • Brian Enos  If you’re going to compete, go here.

Reloading Data:  Everyone who reloads should have manuals.  But, reliable load information is available on the internet too, particularly from the powder manufacturers.

Components:  After the election / Sandy Hook, there was a run on reloading components.  Still, with some searching, you can find what you need.  

  • Powder Valley  No frills web site, but awesome prices & service.  Usually my first stop.
  • Midsouth Shooters Prices comparable to Powder Valley; I’ll always check here for availability.
  • Graf & Sons  Until the “great panic”, I didn’t need to diversify my component vendors, but found that Graf’s is on-par with PV & MSS (above).  They too have earned my business.
  • Xtreme Bullets  If you’re after plated bullets, look no further.  A Nevada business with a great product.  And, their bullets are plated a little thicker than most.  Good stuff.

Las Vegas Dealers / FFLs:  There are many (many!) gun stores in Las Vegas.  Most are ‘meh’; a few are outstanding. Here are the local businesses I support:

  • New Frontier Armory  Integrity & great prices!  I’m a repeat customer.
  • The Range 702  Although I haven’t purchased any guns here (yet), they tend to have an awesome selection & competitive prices. If you want to shoot indoors in Vegas, this is the place to go.
  • Extreme Ventures  Great, small shop.  They also belong on the component list since they tend to have a great (local) source of powder, primers & bullets.  Given the peaks & valleys of the current market, they’ve done an amazing job at staying stocked.
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse  I’m impressed.  I’ve found some of my best deals here & for a “big box” store, their staff is pretty knowledgeable and consistent.

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