Wives & 3d Printers

After being married for 27 years (yes, to the same woman!), I accurately predicted her reaction to my foray into 3D printing.  Skepticism mixed with a small dose of ridicule.  That’s ok – I knew what would happen next as well.

Initially, it’s fair to say she didn’t share my vision for what 3D printing could do – and what it holds for the future.  “It’s just plastic!” (…as I look around a house with pieces of useful plastic in every corner and drawer); “Nothing you’re printing is useful!” (as her iPhone charges in its iChair!).  I printed some other knickknacks and left them for her without saying much – knowing that the day would come when the light bulb began to flicker.

I try to surf yeggi.com and Thingiverse.com regularly, and one day I came across a Fingernail Painting Grip Board.  FingernailThingiverseNow, although don’t paint my fingernails, I could see the potential in this little widget.  So, I printed one and left it for my wife.  She asked about it, and then seemed to dismiss it.  It went unused for several weeks.

Then, it happened.  She asked how much it costs to print this marvelous little token of plastic… “Oh, about 40 cents I suppose”.  Then she asked how long it takes to print one (about 45 minutes).  Then… the request:  “Would you mind printing 20 of those for me to give to my friends?”.  BAM!  There we go!  In between other stuff I print, I’m running them off, two at a time.  Once, I caught her standing there watching them print – mesmerized – much like I was for the first few days.

So, if know any members of the Korean American Women’s Association here in Vegas, don’t tell them…  but as an elf with a little insider knowledge, I’m betting each of them is going to get one of these pretty soon.  She asked what it would take to make one for painting toenails… it seems not everything is on Thingiverse, so this one will have to be designed in-house.  I wonder what her aptitude for learning CAD is (wait, don’t answer that – I already know).



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