Printing, posting and proofing

Just a few days ago, I took the leap.  So far, so good!  I’ve had what I consider good interest, and I’m working on filling orders.  Not every ‘order’, though, is for reloading / swaging accessories.  Friends learn about the printer and their minds go into high gear…  I just printed 52 .027 gauge train track connectors!

The good?  Things are running relatively smoothly.  The printer is running great – glad it doesn’t need sleep because it’s not getting any.  I’ve built process around my activities.  The processes include having a Google Docs spreadsheet where I’m tracking orders & milestones; part of that spreadsheet is posted publicly and linked to the site so customers know where their order stands.  I’m also scheduling print jobs to maximize output (Google Calendar) – some jobs run longer than others, and I need to be here to take them off the build plate before the next job can start.  I’ve stayed current on e-mail, private messages and posts on the relevant forums. I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, go back and make sure my i’s are dotted and T’s crossed – fixing a couple of typos here and there on the blog.  I think I’m in a good spot at the moment.

The bad?  Not enough time in the day to learn more.  Lon has pointed me to many things that I still need to learn & explore – settings for the slicing software, tweaks to settings and other things to try.  Things are settling down after the initial push, so I hope to have time soon to dive into those things. I don’t want selling a few things to overshadow the fun of learning & exploring this new technology.

Gotta run – Google Calendar is reminding me that it’s about time to swap out another piece! And, off to work!


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