Downloading From Thingiverse

One of the amazing things about this technology is that designs are made available for public use, and they can be downloaded & printed.  When I was describing my printing of swaging accessories on the Castboolits forum, a user chimed in about wanting an improved part for his RCBS press.  The primer catcher / decap tray that comes with RCBS single stage presses is notorious for allowing primers to escape (and fall on the floor / roll out of sight). I agreed to check into it and see what I could come up with.

Before going off and designing a new part (which for this, would probably take me a considerable amount of time), I checked on  Low & behold, another Thingiverse member had designed and uploaded exactly this part!  He has a left hand and right hand variant, which is a fantastic mod that users will appreciate.  How cool is that?!?


I reached out to the designer of the part (lcecil) and we’ve exchanged several e-mails.  He’s a reloader & 3D printer with lots of wisdom that I’ll put to use.  This morning, I downloaded the part, prepared it for printing (“sliced it”) and assuming another project finishes up in time, this will print while I’m at work today.

Our conversation led into the use of others’ designs and selling them.  He licensed this part under the Creative Commons – Attribution License, which can be used and even sold in small quantities by others.

So…  actually selling this stuff is something to consider.  Clearly, I’ve got my eye on that and I’m working through all of the different implications before I make a final decision.  Stay tuned.


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