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Baby Steps

After deciding to create this site, it’s beginning to take shape.  They say ‘content is king’, so I’m trying to build out the hierarchy of the site in a way that makes sense and highlights useful information.

Overviews are up in the ‘Making Your Own Bullets‘ and ‘Reloading‘ sections; the ‘Trusted Links‘ page is filled with the basics.  And, the ‘Custom Creations‘ section has an overview of what I’m hoping to accomplish by merging some bleeding edge technology with the art of reloading.

If you’ve found this site, let me know what you think!


What’s Next?

Welcome.  Soon, this site will be filled with a variety of content including:

  • Tips & tricks I’ve learned as a reloader.
  • Links to reloading information I trust.
  • …and, depending on what happens this week, information on new reloading related gadgets I’ll be creating.

The site is kind of sparse right now, but check the “Trusted Links” and “Custom Creations” links.

Stay tuned!